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Save the Silk VIllage

Campaign Goal: $35,000 by November 30, 2018

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Not All Silks Are Created Equal

Ours is not only the Best, it is One-of-a-Kind

Tailored in California

Flawlessly sewn piece by piece in California by a small team of Vietnamese American artisans and dressmakers who brought the craft with them to America after the war. 

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From the Best Natural Fabric

#100%Silk #BotanicalDyes #Medicinal #HandWoven #ArtisanMade #ToxinFree

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The Future is in Our Hands

It takes time to rebuild a village and a legend, but we have faith. One day, these children will be proud makers of one of the world's most precious silks...

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Campaign Goal: $350,000 by November 10, 2018

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